It is important to note that in all ranges of openness in adoption today, the fullest possible disclosure of medical histories, family background and prenatal care is made available between both sets of parents. Christian Adoption Services offers all three types of adoptions. It is up to the placing parent(s) to decide which option they feel most comfortable with. Each family adopting through CAS must sign a contract with the agency agreeing to provide the placing parent(s) with pictures, letters and updates for 18 years on the following schedule:

First year after placement Pictures and letters monthly
Second year Bi-monthly
Third year Every three months
Years 4-18 At least one large packet a year around the child’s birthday

Christian Adoption Services requires that children be taught of their adoption early on in an age-appropriate manner. Parents that adopt through Christian Adoption Services agree to tell their child about his/her adoption. Secrecy about the adoption is not permitted- the agency encourages full disclosure.