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Waiting Kids

To be eligible to adopt waiting children from the Czech Republic, you must have an approved dossier in country.

Fee Information

NC Resident Fee Schedule
OOS (Out of State) Resident Fee Schedule


  • Christian
  • Married for 2 years (Singles accepted for older or special needs children)
  • Maximum age: applicants are to be no more than 45 years older than child they intend to adopt
  • At least one parent must be a US Citizen
  • Priority given to applicants of Czech heritage who speak Czech or Slovak
  • 2 years of nurturance between any child joining the family (adoption or bio)
  • No unacceptable medical conditions
  • No unacceptable mental health conditions
  • No crimes involving moral turpitude
  • Applicants are expected to share their child’s cultural heritage with them


Types of Children Available

czech-childTwo thirds of children being placed for adoption are male and 90% are of Romani origin. Applicants have not been restricted in stating the gender or health preference of the child they seek to adopt. If adoptive applicants seek to adopt a child under three years of age, they can expect a two-year wait.

Referrals of toddlers and school-age children are generally made in less than two years. Referrals are not made on the basis of the date of one’s application to adopt, but rather on the assessment of the strength of the adoptive applicant as compared to the needs of the child. Around 40 children are available for intercountry adoption on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

The home study process typically takes 6-8 weeks. Dossier preparation, translation, and authentication process will vary depending on the state in which the document originated. Applicants looking to adopt a healthy child under three should anticipate a 2 year wait for referral. Those with openness to older or special needs children may experience a shorter wait time. After acceptance of referral, the Office in Brno will contact the children’s home to schedule the applicants’ trip to the Czech Republic to meet the child.

What is the country adoption process?

Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, adoptive parents will travel to the Office for International Legal Protection of Children in Brno to meet with a lawyer and psychologist. After this initial meeting, CAS will have a liaison worker who will meet and travel with the adoptive parents to the child’s city of residence. An initial assessment of the interaction between the child and parents is made within 2-3 days of their meeting with a second assessment within 14-21 days to ensure that attachment and bonding are being made.

The adoptive applicants will travel to the Office in Brno, once again, to receive this decision of the Office. If the parents are doing well, the legal documents are provided to the adoptive parents so they can travel to Prague to file for the child’s visa with the US Embassy. The CAS liaison will assist the parents with travel arrangements back to Prague and with the subsequent steps necessary to complete their child’s visa application for entry into the US. It is anticipated that this final process will take approximately two weeks.

Where do the children live?

The children live in children’s homes or in private foster care. Orphanages throughout the county appear to be well staffed and the physical and emotional needs of the children are recognized and met. Since education is valued, school-age children are being availed good instruction.

How are children selected for adoption?

Office in Brno will identify the children who are cleared for adoption. Recruitment for families for eligible children will be done in country first. Those children for whom homes are not found in country will then be referred for intercountry adoption.

How many trips does the Czech Republic require?

Only one trip is required for an adoption from the Czech Republic and typically lasts for 5-6 weeks.

Do both parents have to travel?


Will my children come with an adoption decree?

No. All adoptive placements are made under guardianship with nine mandated post placement reports to be submitted to the “The Office” over a four-year period of time. If all is going well for the child and parents, “The Office” will issue its Consent to the Adoption after receipt of three positive post placement reports. The adoptions will be finalized stateside for all adoptive parents.

Can I adopt children who are not siblings?

No. The Czech Republic does not place two unrelated children at the same time. It is possible to apply for an additional adoption from the Czech Republic after your child is home for at least 2 years.

Will I receive information about my child before I travel?

Yes. Your official referral is called a Matching Letter and will include:

  • Report on the child’s health condition
  • Report on the psychological examination of the child
  • Report on the social situation of the child
  • The circumstances which make the child adoptable
  • Photographs of the child

Will someone help me when I am traveling in the Czech Republic?

Yes, CAS will have a liaison worker meet and travel with the adoptive parents to the child’s city of residence. The liaison will provide assistance with the lodging needs of the adoptive parents. Some children’s centers actually have living quarters for the new parents although in others, the parents will need to rely on area hotels.

Do the children speak English?

English is introduced to children by the time they reach middle school. Yet, it is likely that the children will have a limited command of the English language.

Will I be able to track the progress of my adoption?

Yes, Christian Adoption Service’s state of the art adoption management software provides adoptive families with access to a secure online account to process paperwork. Your online account provides 24/7 access to view the status of your adoption and easy-to-use steps to complete documents. Your personal data automatically merges with required documents to ensure accuracy and simplifies the paperwork process. Documents submitted for approval send an automated alert to us that paperwork is on the way and an automated alert is sent to families when documents are approved by your case manager. This software will expedite paperwork, improve communication and keep everything related to your adoption in one place.

Steps of the Process

  • Complete Application for International Adoption through CAS online management system
  • Initiate the Home Study through CAS or other Hague Accredited agency if living outside North Carolina
  • Complete Hague pre-adoption training
  • Submit Home Study draft to CAS for review if home study prepared by another agency
  • Submit finalized Home Study to Immigration to acquire the pre-approval to adopt
  • Gather all dossier documents and submit to CAS for approval
  • Submit dossier documents for authentication by Secretary of State
  • Have approved dossier documents translated into the Czech language
  • Send all dossier documents and their certified translations to CAS for submission to the Office in Brno
  • Official referral to be reviewed
  • Acceptance of referral
  • The Office will make contact with the child’s current caregiver to establish a date for meeting the child
  • Applicants will travel to the Office in Brno to meet with a staff lawyer and psychologist
  • Applicants will meet with child, psychologist, and interpreter at the establishment where the child is currently residing
  • Psychologist will develop a report based on this initial interaction
  • Barring any complications, child will be entrusted into the applicants’ care
  • Within 14-21 days, the psychologist will make a final determination on the quality of the interaction between the adoptive applicants and the child
  • If the interaction is positive, applicants will submit a letter informing the Office of their intent to adopt the proposed child
  • Office will make determination and will issue a decision on the adoption
  • Applicants will travel to Brno to receive the decision of the Office
  • If the determination is favorable, applicants will receive child’s legal documents to proceed to Prague to file the Visa Petition at the US Embassy and to conduct the child’s medical appointment (estimated time frame, 2 weeks)

Hague Accreditation

The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting body approved by the United States Department of State to conduct Hague accreditation and approval reviews, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague accreditation or approval or renewal of Hague accreditation or approval. Click here to provide input on Christian Adoption Services, Inc.